AiTBot “Democratizing ownership and real-world assets on the blockchain. Developed for investors, traders, hedge funds & prime brokers.”

“AiTBot” provide his investors with a “TACMET DEVICE” that enables them to trade large volume of cryptocurrency free of complications, with support for 170 world currencies, including precious metals in 200 exchanges from a single account.


AiTBot TACMET DEVICE Pre-Sale is live

Round ending date will extend till supplies end.
  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
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  • 00 Seconds

  • 13200 AiTBot Token´s = 33 TACMET´S
  • 2400 USD = 400 AITBOT minimum hold condition = 1 TACMET
  • 400000 AiTBot Tokens = 1000 TACMET DEVICES

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With help from our teams, contributors and investors these are the milestones we are looking forward to achieve.

About AITBOT Token

AITBOT backed by fiat currencies, BITCOIN, precious metals, real estate and fine Art.

AiTBot Token has the ability to inject liquidity into illiquid or otherwise cumbersome markets.

Each time a real-world value is acquired with AiTBot tokens, this raises the price of the acquired value and ensures the value of the AiTBot token in the network. Every time non-fungibles goods are acquired, new AitBot tokens are released to the market.

AiTBot has the ability to tokenize assets pretty much limitless. All this by increasing and supporting the value of AiTBot token.

Pre-ICO AiTBot Token has already secure over 30 gold mine reserves, 2000 BTC, 60 M USD CASH, with more partnerships being finalized each day.

AiTBot Unique Features

AiTBot - KYC, AML, GDPR Compliance

We work with a leading credit agency to perform KYC & AML verification, allowing our users to verify to a bank level, essential for preventing fraud and money laundering on our platform. Verify once and forget about it! Trading without limits, exchange limits are lame! When you use our cryptocurrency exchange service, you don’t have to worry about limitations for exchanges. There is no maximum amount for crypto exchange. Trade as much as you want. In terms of security, you will retain full control over your AiTBot TACMET which is installed on your chosen personal server. No third party can interfere with its control. We usually recommend external servers for your machine to keep running 24/7 independently of your own personal activity. At no time we take custody or handle user funds.

AiTBot – OTC Desk

Not sure if you are aware of the advantages an OTC desk could bring. If you’re looking to trade for a large volume of cryptocurrency on an exchange, you would have to look into the order book depth to determine how deep you have to go in order to have your trade size fulfilled. If you’re going in too deep, the pricing may steer towards an unfavourable direction, resulting in a price that is far from the market. But for AiTBot TACMET, owing to our wide network of industry connection and very deep pools of liquidity, we’re able to facilitate instant execution of large volume trading, with a price that is close to the market. Please note that our minimum trade size for institutions is USD 100,000 or equivalent. We charge a 2% trading fee payable with AitBot Token´s and we offer same day settlement services. To become an approved counterparty, kindly register an account and submit the necessary KYC and AML documents for account verification. Let us know when the submission is completed so that we could fast track your account verification. Upon successful verification, we’ll create a designated chat group with you and our traders through your preferred channels – Bloomberg / WhatsApp / Telegram / WeChat / Skype, where you could get direct quotations on digital assets. Once you are approved as a counterparty, we are able to  give you exclusive access to trade in online & offline markets.


Enjoy fast simple trading automation on  200 crypto currency exchanges from a single account and cash out instant daily profit, 24/7 on complete autopilot. AiTBot  TACMET engage  instant trading between multiple different crypto markets, looking for price fluctuations on various centralized and decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. This means that you will be able to automatically take advantage of any price slippage to maximize your profit and Transfer instantly to any debit card on the planet. AiTBot TACMET´s are designed to be installed easily and at cheap costs. Setup your AiTBot In less than a couple of minutes, you should be all good to go and profit. Our developer team continuously push new features and improvement to always deliver maximum profits.

AiTBot - ERC223

AitBot Token is a faster implementation on a real decentralized immutable blockchain (Ethereum Classic) with usable smart contracts running on the Ethereum Classic Blockchain. AiTBot has been designed to be used as a decentralized stable Token within the Ethereum Classic ecosystem and beyond. It avoids problems related to centralization as seen on Ethereum and security because it is powered by the Ethereum Classic Network and by globally distributed anonymous miners. Since it follows a standard protocol (ERC223), every AiTBot Token has been mined in a completely decentralized manner, there is no central body or central organization which controls or enforces any aspect of AiTBot Token protocol. AiTBot Token offers the functionality, transparency, and liquidity CEX, alongside the security DEX. We strongly believe AiTBot Token will eventually become fully regulated in various forms, throughout different countries and regions around the world. We anticipate that upcoming regulatory changes will be implemented and so we always ensure that we are one step ahead and we make sure AiTBot Token always fully compliant with this changes. Trade AiTBot Token´s backed up in real estate, fine art, fiat currencies and BITCOIN  and more than 1500 cryptocurrencies and exchange instantly into 170 Fiat currencies in online & offline markets.

How AITBOT Works?


AiTBot TACMET identifies an opportunity. It purchases low, to sell high. TACMET trades 24/7 on complete autopilot.


Exchanges have been carefully studied and selected based on specific characteristics such as reliability and trustworthiness, among others. A similar strict selection process has been allocated to the cryptocurrencies that the bot takes into account.


In terms of security, you retain full control over your wallet and TACMET which is installed on your chosen personal server. No third party can interfere with its control.


AiTbot TACMET syncs top exchanges to track opportunities by comparing bid and ask prices to seek profit from the spread.

Token Distribution


Aug 1, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)

Number of tokens for sale

400,000 AitBot


While Supplies Last

Tokens exchange rate

0.00059 BTC = 1 ETC = 1 AitBot

Acceptable currencies

172 World Currencies including
ETH, BTC, LTC,ETC, Monero and Gold

Minimal transaction amount

0.00059 BTC = 1 ETC

1 ETC = 6 USD
6 USD = 1 AitBot

Luis Mercado
CEO & Data scientist

Luis Mercado has been building valuable tools & infrastructure for financial innovation for the past 12 years. A technologist at heart, his focus has been on developing a strict compliance system & collaborating with banking, regulatory & law enforcement to pioneer innovation within the space. Luis Mercado has, since 2010, been instrumental in the development of artificial Intelligence, hybrid arbitrage trading systems, digital assets & blockchain,  establishing banking relationships, attracting key personnel & helping preserve nature for future generations.

With over 2,359,000 vendors network across 182 countries, it's only a matter of time before the adoption of AiTBot Token starts to grow.

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