About AiTBot Token

AiTBot Token backed by Ethereum classic, fiat currencies, BITCOIN, precious metals, real estate and fine Art.

AiTBot Token has the ability to inject liquidity into illiquid or otherwise cumbersome markets.

Each time a real-world value is acquired with AiTBot tokens, this raises the price of the token.  Every time non-fungibles goods are acquired, new AitBot tokens are released to the market. There is always instant liquidity.

AiTBot has the ability to tokenize assets pretty much limitless. All this by increasing and supporting the value of AiTBot token.

“AiTBot Token has immediate global liquidity at all times”

In other words AiTBot Token can instantly be exchange  into 170 fiat currencies, 2000 cryptocurrencies and gold.

AiTBot can be transfer and turn into fiat deposit to any debit or credit card on earth. Also works with: Samsung Pay, Google Pay, UNION PAY or any bank account you own, your friends, bills, PayPal, phone companies and pretty much any account on the planet.

The process AiTBot API integration uses is protected by intellectual property laws.

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Decentralized and full private