Trust Wallet is now the official cryptocurrency wallet of AiTBot Token

Trust Wallet is a multi crypto wallet app with Binance DEX support. Trust Wallet provides a full security audited system to send, receive and store multiple digital assets so that you have complete control over your private keys that are only stored on your device. Our crypto wallet supports most major cryptocurrencies with regular updates to support more crypto coins and capabilities.

Trust Wallets DaPP Browser is a full-fledged Web3 browser that allows you to interact with decentralized applications (DApp) directly from the app.

Highlights of Trust – Multi Cryptocurrency Wallet

✔️ Binance Dex / Binance Chain / BEP2 support

✔️ Ethereum Wallet – Participate in any ERC20 or ERC223 based ICO or airdrop. Configure gas price, gas limit and data/message in a simple and easy-to-understand way

✔️ Military grade security. Trust Wallet was fully audited by a leading security firm that ensured safety and integrity of the application

✔️ Trust Wallet can now be your Bitcoin Wallet/Ethereum Wallet & Multi coin Wallet!
Send, receive, store and track your digital assets.

✔️ Maintain control of your digital assets by storing your private keys on your own device. With Trust Wallet’s server-free infrastructure only you can access your funds

✔️ Protect your crypto funds by enabling additional level of security – pin and biometrics. With that feature turned on, even if a mobile device is unlocked, the app will require separate authentication in order to access the funds

✔️ Check balance, history, and other transaction details

✔️ Backup and restore your crypto wallet from a highly encrypted file in less than 30 seconds

✔️ Access any cold storage wallet – Trezor, Ledger, KeepKey etc. – with Trust’s “watch” function without exposing your private key in a “view-only” mode. Monitor performance of your digital assets while keeping keys in a safe and secure location.

✔️ See how much your tokens and coins are worth! Monitor real-time value of your digital portfolio and individual assets in your native currency

✔️ Easy to use interface! You won’t see your app crashing or lagging because our UI was built using native Android components and technologies.

Multi Cryptocurrency: Ethereum Wallet / Altcoin wallet / Bitcoin Wallet for Android
Trust Wallet has now enabled bitcoin wallet support and has evolved from just being an ethereum wallet for Android into a multi coin wallet which can support a wider range of cryptocurrency coins, having been designed from the ground up to provide the best possible experience on your Android device.

Features of Trust Wallet includes:Ethereum Wallet: send and request ether, ERC20, BEP2 and ERC721 tokens
Create Crypto Wallet Addresses Easily – add an address and get notified when it is active.
DApp Browser: use DApps to instantly buy & sell bitcoin, ethereum and other cryptocurrencies/digital assets.
Push notifications: get notified of when transactions happen on your address
Transactions: detailed information about transactions, full history, price of your portfolio
Send & Receive: easily send and receive assets via QR code or copy/paste
Security: set a passcode to protect the app to add another level of encryption

List of Crypto Wallet App Capabilities & Supported Crypto Coins:
Bitcoin wallet support added(BTC)
Ethereum wallet support (ETH)
XRP wallet support added (XRP)
Stellar Lumens XLM wallet support added
Ethereum Wallet (ETH)
Ethereum Classic Wallet (ETC)
Litecoin Wallet (LTC)
Tron Wallet (TRX)
Dash Wallet (DASH)
TomoChain (TOMO)
VeChain (VET)
Callisto (CLO)
POA Network (POA)
GoChain (GO)
Wanchain (WAN)
IoTeX support
ZelCash wallet support
Qtum wallet support
Groestlcoin wallet


Your private key is only stored locally and protected with many layers of security.


We support leading crypto protocols and cryptocurrencies (ETH, BTC, XRP, TRX, XLM, BNB others)

Decentralized Exchange

Trust Wallet work seamlessly with Binance DEX and Kyber Network protocol, allowing you to make instant trades on the decentralized exchange.


We will never access any of your personal information and Trust Wallet always keeps your data private and secure.

ERC20 & BEP2 Compatible

Full support for any ERC20 tokens on Ethereum network and BEP2 on Binance Chain.

DApps and Web3

Web3 Browser that allows you to interact with decentralized applications (DApp) directly from the app.