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Coin Maya LTD Hybrid arbitrage exchange  platform that enables our users to buy and sell digital currency through his debit card or digital wallet. When a user buys digital currency (with cash, bank transfer or a card instrument), the value (or balance) is stored in their online wallet.

Once the online wallet is load user´s can send payments instantly to anyone in the world, or pay from a merchant who accepts MAYAS ERC223 as a form of payment. If a user receives a payment, he/she can withdraw the balance in cash, bank account or to their debit card.

Coin Maya LTD serves to connect worldwide activists with a global network of physical locations where they can either add or withdraw cash to/from their debit card or MAYAS ERC223 SATURN Wallet.

Coin Maya LTD worldwide cooperative partners that are directly buying and selling MAYAS ERC223 to the network activist, are always prepared to hold MAYAS inventory, which can be denominated in the partner’s local or preferred transacting currency.

At no time Coin Maya LTD take custody or handle user funds.

Organizations and anyone interested in participating in projects related to environmental restoration with more than 64 thousand projects to choose from in most of the world’s destinations with food and lodging. Activists can start with 100 USD per day and Organizations from 2000 USD. Our system provides economic resources to any restoration and conservation project. List your project or register in the existing ones.

Leverage overseas Coin Maya LTD existing network to provide activists with an easy way to cash in and cash out of their online wallets. You get a commission each time you facilitate the conversion of a user’s  into fiat currency or cryptocurrency,  taking advantage of differing prices.  Exchange MAYAS ERC223 & 60 cryptocurrencies  in online & offline markets.

First level 1 year membership + 0.06666 MAYAS ERC223 (200 USD value) Hybrid Arbitrage Trading Daily Profit: 100 USD.

Coin Maya LTD compliants under all relevant AML and KYC procedures. Click here to become approve!